E13: Flo with 蕭叔叔: 當英文系遇上 Uncle Siu


Uncle Siu 蕭叔叔為八十後,屯門長大,自少英文成績較差,但係憑着中五果一年比較勤奮好學, 依然成為尖子, 中學會考6A1B1C, A level 1A1B1C, 之後成功考入香港大學法律系, 考獲了PCLL 之後, 因為熱愛自由而放棄做律師, 選擇在中學兼職英文代課老師, 若干年後,搖身一變成為靚聲英語教練KOL,坐擁Facebook 50萬followers, IG 12萬followers, 主力撚狗同食澳牛。 今集英文系遇上 Uncle Siu, 大家暢談口音背後嘅意義。Uncle Siu 的 Facebook page & Instagram page

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當年Uncle Siu蕭叔叔的 如何擺脫港式英文的口音系列:

Flow of this Flo podcast: 

  • 6條A唔代表贏在起跑線
  • we focused too much on mistake correction
  • pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, accent
  • learning English as a foreign language?
  • why HK English teaching isn’t focused on pronunciation?
  • the meaning behind accents
  • how I started my accent coach career
  • accent is self-identity

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