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E23:Flo 自修室:女人有過度自責症?

由心理學家 Kristin Neff 去年出版的書 FIERCE SELF-COMPASSION: HOW WOMEN CAN HARNESS KINDNESS TO SPEAK UP, CLAIM THEIR POWER, AND THRIVE,講到另一個心理學家 Brene Brown 最受歡迎的 TED Talk "Power of Vulnerability",今集 Carmen 同 Lilian 會一邊同大家玩心理測驗,一邊分享她們對自我同情和脆弱的力量的想法。

What My Puppy Taught Me About Grieving a Loss

It's never easy to lose a loved one. This is what I learned about grieving when I lost my puppy.

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