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Flo – 女性生活及經驗分享平台

Flo 看到女性同齡人的集體力量。我們深信,對於女性面臨的日常挑戰,從來沒有單一的答案,通過經驗分享、互相學習,我們跟你探索最佳的解決方案。


Flo is a learning and sharing platform for women.

Flo is a movement: Of empowering women through shared and personal experiences. Flo is the convergence of ideas and life experiences. We all have our unique challenges in life. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. But through peer sharing, we can all learn from each other and figure out what is best for ourselves.

Flo is honest, humble, and hopeful. We share. We empathize. We learn.

Let’s go with the Flo.

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We believe in the power of sharing. Your stories and experiences enrich us. We are all better because of each and everyone in our community. For this, we are grateful.